Vancouver Relationship Counselling Part 1

Is Relationship Counselling in Vancouver only for romantic couples?

Not at all. Best friends go to relationship counselling when they hit a rocky patch. Best-friend friendships can provide extraordinary support, a sense of “being seen”, “you have my back”, and you count on them being there all the way through life.

When best friends break up, it feels very much like a romantic break-up. Grief. Loss. Anger. Disbelief. Tape loops in your head. Disturbed sleep. Can’t get the argument and way you were treated out of your head. Trying to figure out how your mutual friends are going to be split between you. Yup. A lot like a romantic break-up.

Smart best friends going through a rocky patch reach out to a relationship therapist, also called a couples therapist, even though there is no romantic/sexual component to the friendship.

Think about it. When you get caught up in an argument that you are really invested in, you find it really hard to listen with your heart to what your friend is trying to say; you take it personally, and can’t see the deeper meaning and longing they are trying to express. A relationship therapist has the skills to hold the space for both of you, to slow down the whole discussion, to help each of you say to the other what you really needed/ wanted/ perceived/ was afraid of. In ways the other can actually hear you, and feel even closer to you than before.

Wouldn’t it be better, instead of breaking up, to go to relationship counselling with a relationship therapist who has those skills, who doesn’t judge, who is listening always for your deeper concerns.

Choose a relationship therapist whose style matches your friend’s and yours – talk over the phone to figure that out. Are they easy to talk to? Do they sound at ease with your dilemma? Do they sound like they want to help you and can see a way through?

One last point: Vancouver relationship counselling has its own complexities. Where do you park? Can you get there by bike or public transit? At Ros Best Counselling, the parking is abundant and free; it is .3km from Victoria Drive and S.E. Marine Dr. so accessible by the #100 and the Canada Line or Skytrain, or take the bus down Victoria. It is much easier to talk about difficult things if you don’t arrive stressed.

Ros Best Counselling. Affordable, safe, warm, non-judgemental, wise counselling. Get back the quality of your most important (non-romantic) friendship!

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