Vancouver Relationship Counselling Part 2

Other than Best Friends, who else goes for Relationship Counselling with a Vancouver Relationship Therapist?

Hmmm, let’s think up some scenarios:

  • You and a really good friend want to start up a business together. Your business skills are incredibly complementary. But you DO NOT want to screw up your friendship, and it is embarrassing to try to spell out your expectations for time, funding, salary, commitment, vision, and so on, and you can’t quite bring yourself to clarify some really important matters. Who could facilitate that conversation? This Vancouver Relationship Therapist.
  • You and your really good friend started up your business together, and it is flourishing. You two get along really well. But you married a year and a bit ago, and now you and your partner want to have a baby, maybe two. Or maybe your partner had always wanted to travel before you two settled down and had children. You need more time off. You know that your partner is great with the business, but not so good with change. Ros Best Counselling could help you with difficult relationship conversations.
  • You and your house-mate share the same apartment. Recently, you got more serious with a romantic partner, and they are really turned off by certain of your house-mate’s habits. But the house-mate was there first. You can’t afford to move out, and you don’t want to leave the house-mate in the lurch; but you are afraid that those habits are pretty ingrained and they are sensitive to criticism, and stressed out a lot of the time anyway. Ros Best Counselling offers support for sensitive relationship therapy.
  • You’ve watched the TV show Intervention. You have a friend you are worried about, but you’re not sure that an “intervention” is the way to go. You would rather help your friend and keep the friendship. You definitely need support on how to talk about your concern with this friend, with a therapist who has no previous knowledge of either of you. Talk to Ros Best, she will be happy to provide what, in effect, can be relationship therapy.
  • Adult daughter and her mother – You don’t want “family therapy”, you want adult-to-adult therapy, ie relationship therapy. You want to figure out where the boundaries need to be, now that you are a fully-fledged adult. Ros Best would be happy to provide you this kind of Vancouver relationship therapy.
  • You used to be a couple; that was a while ago. You both have moved on. But you miss your partner’s friendship. Is it possible to be friends with a former romantic interest? What does your new romantic interest think about you still being friends with that partner? This is really confusing. Talk to a relationship therapist. At Ros Best Counselling, we specialize in relationship therapy.
  • Note: Ros Best acknowledges polyamory and open relationships, but does not at this point have the training to offer exceptional relationship counselling for these relationships.

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