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Are you struggling with any of the following?

Family Relationships


Big Upcoming Change


Aging with Grace and Spirit

Women’s Issues

Thriving, with Physical/Learning disabilities

Supporting People with Mental/Chronic Illness

Thriving in Exploring Your Identity

Being Religious/Ex-Religious in a Secular World

Living in Canada/Born Overseas

Forging a New Identity

Let’s work on your concerns together?

We all grapple with issues from time to time. Sometimes we can talk it out with a trusted partner, friend or family member.  But sometimes, we need someone else who will listen without an agenda, without judgingwho will really “get us” and help us to hear our own voice to figure out what to do.  A helper who will keep our confidence. I would like to be that helper for you.

Please call


Get In Touch

I will try to follow up within 24 hours. I look forward to our work together!