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Things have got to change.
Ros will help you with…

Couples Counselling/Marriage Counselling

Family Relationships (Multi-Generational)

Cancer and Chronic Disease

Trauma (EMDR Therapy)



Thriving with disabilities

Dementia Care

Grief and Loss

Identity in times of transition

Being Religious/ Ex-Religious in a Secular World

Women’s Issues

Thinking you need some help?

I would be honoured – your concern matters to me. I will listen to understand, follow when you need me to, lead when that is helpful. Clients say that my office feels like a warm place of calm and safety. They tell me that they feel listened to and heard.

We all grapple with issues from time to time. Sometimes we can talk it out with a trusted partner, friend or family member.  But sometimes, we need someone else who will listen without an agenda, without judgingwho will really “get us” and help us to hear our own voice to figure out what to do.  A helper who will keep our confidence. I would like to be that helper for you.

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I will try to follow up within 24 hours. I look forward to our work together!