Vancouver Women’s Issues Counselling

Vancouver Women’s Issues Counselling 2018-10-02T16:30:35+00:00
  • Do you want your zest and spicy-ness back?

  • In a world where, supposedly, we are ‘all equal’, or on a gender spectrum, there are several concerns women raise consistently in therapy. You are welcome to speak openly about topics such as…

    • Sex and intimacy – discomfort, safety, not getting your needs met (Note: I do not have Sex Therapy training)
    • Pregnant, now
    • New baby 
    • Self-image and menopause
    • Self-image, sex and breast cancer or other serious illness
    • Alive!!! And 55
    • Aging with grace and zest!
  • I look forward to working together with you on any of these concern. Call me today!