Vancouver Grief and Loss Counselling

Vancouver Grief and Loss Counselling 2018-08-29T20:44:16+00:00
  • You ache. You are angry. You are numb. You don’t quite believe it. This is not how it was supposed to be. And your mind wanders, you do stupid things, you can’t bring yourself to get on with Life.  Who cares…  You guess your friends think you should be over this by now, or maybe they never did have the ability to really listen. Maybe this was a death, but maybe this came through a falling-out, divorce, the loss of a dream, or illness.

  • I care. I will hold the space for you, search out the meaning this loss has for you. I will walk beside you until you are ready to walk on into your next chapter, your loved one held in your bones. Call me today.