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I practice both Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy (EFT Externship) and Gottman Couples Counselling (Level 3).

What does that mean?

  • I provide leadership and safety in our sessions.
  • Your relationship is my client.

  • I tune in to the crucial emotions that underlie silence or fights.

  • We break the cycle that blocks you, repair hurts, open up the relationship to provide the closeness you crave.

  • Want a head-start? Read ahead in Sue Johnson’s Hold Me Tight (available also in audio-book).

  • In Gottman therapy, we use Gottman exercises to share dreams, resolve fights, to deepen understanding, and to grow skills in talking with your partner with therapeutic safety. If you want to get a head-start on this work, read any of the Gottmans’ books written for the public, and download from Google Play or iTunes the Gottman Card Deck – full of cool questions to ask your partner.

  • Come as you are (dealing with financial stresses, disagreements about sex, stuck on a decision, angry, sad, hopeless, hopeful, easily flooded, not wanting to say very much…). Come as you are, you will be so glad you did!

    Note: Couples sessions are 1 ½ hours minimum, up to 3 hours long; frequency of sessions will depend upon couple needs, availability, and type of concern. We will meet together, then individually once each, and then continue together.