Being Religious/Ex-Religious in a Secular World

Being Religious/Ex-Religious in a Secular World 2018-08-29T22:54:09+00:00
  • Whether you are a believer, were a believer, or simply grew up in a world where everyone breathed the same religion like we breathe the air, this experience of belief deeply informs how you feel you fit in, subjects that are/are not taboo to discuss with your partner and friends, belonging at family dinners on religious holidays, and your response in matters of sex, gender, guilt, (dis)agreement style, and asking for what you need. It will inform whether you ‘should’ be a saver, or spend on experiences today; whether people are fundamentally good, are sinners, or by definition both.

  • I have a deep understanding of faiths. I will not impose my guesses about your faith, but if that were part of your story, I think I will have room for the multi-layered aspects of your identity. Call me today, let’s get started!